Monday, 21 January 2013

A break from wargaming - Temporary change of hobby to trains.

Last year I really went nuts with 40k. I started a blog which has done quite well I think. I competed in more tournaments than I've ever done before, I even went to a couple of proper big tournaments at Maelstrom Games. I even invested a fair wedge of cash into the Kingdom Death kickstarter. To top it off I played in a big game over Christmas. I think the big apocalypse game pushed me over the edge. I'm just a bit fed up with it all at the moment but I still want something to use my creative juices.

I've (possibly temporarily) restarted an even geekier hobby that I used to do. Model railways........

Space has been a restricting factor for me in the last few years so I had to have a small layout. As small as possible. After some googling and an exhaustive amount of reading the scant amount on the net about this scale I settled on T Gauge. The T stands for 3. 3 mm gauge. That is the space between the rails of the track. Its bloody small! The actual scale is 1:450, so 1 metre on the layout is almost half a kilometre in real life.

To put it into perspective, here's a train next to a space marine and a genestealer:

Just in case you don't think a train that small can work here's a (boring) video. Not only does it work it even has directional lighting!

Anyhoo. I'll probably be quite quiet on this blog for a while as I work on my toy train set. I have made a blog for that too as there certainly aren't enough T Gauge blogs at the moment. Its at

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