Tuesday, 24 July 2012

3 Dakkajets put into action in tonights game

Tonight at the club I used the list I mentioned in the last article. It was an ork biker list, with a nob biker squad with warboss, wazdakka with a big squad of bikes and 3 dakkajets. I played against Ian's dark mechanicus army (basically chaos marines). He had a squad of 10 terminators, 6 obliterators, 2 squads of marines in rhinos and a raptor squad with a sorceror. 16 models with 2+ saves!!!

The fastest moving orks in the galaxy!

The green baddy mechanicus of doom

I rolled for a random mission and we got the D3+2 objectives one that allows heavy support units to score and you collect points at the end of every turn for claiming objectives. No good for me as I had no heavys. The deployment was short table edge each, so the opposite of the old pitched battle. We decided to only allow the objectives in the middle of the board instead of the actual game restrictions as I'd have just sat on my 2 objectives the whole game.

Turn 1

I managed to steal the initiative and moved my bike squads onto the objectives in the middle. The mysterious objectives gave me a +1 to cover saves on the middle objective and skyfire for the left objective. The +1 cover save was awesome as ork bikers have a 4+ cover save as basic anyway, the skyfire sucked because Ian had no flyers but if he too the objective he could shoot mine out of the sky with ease.

I shot my nob bikers at his termis, killing a reaper autocannon dude with my precision shots. Yay for nobs all being characters and their dakkaguns being twin linked. Wazdakka and his boyz destroyed an rhino with their shooting.

Now for Ian's retaliation. He shot everything at my 2 squads. My nobs took a handful of wounds and spread them out amongst themselves and the other squad lost 1 or 2 bikes. He then tried charging my nob bikers with the termis. The termis failed to get far enough and my overwatch firing killed the other autocannon, again yay for precision shots when all the shots you need to hit anyway are 6s. His sorceror tried to use lash of submission on my nobs but rolled an 11 and failed, he then rolled too low for them to charge too. This left most of his army in front of me, waiting for me to charge.

I held 2 objectives and had killed the first unit. 7 points to me in turn 1??!?

Turn 2
There used to be a 10 man terminator squad in front of the nob bikers in the left of the pic. The stuff behind the hill is the dead pile, the stuff on the hill is the obliterators.

2 of my Dakkajets arrive from reserve. In the shooting phase I call the Waaagh to get double the shots with my dakkajets, they killed 2 or 3 marines, pants!

My nob bikers charge the termis after killing another with shooting. My painboy got killed by the overwatch but my nobs annihilate the terminators in combat. It was ridiculous how powerful the nob bikers were. The consolidated back onto the objective.

My biker squad and Wazdakka charge the raptors and sorceror. I thought about issuing a challenge and chose not to. Then Ian issued a challenge, after some thought I thought screw it and let wazdakka accept the challenge. He kicked arse! Ian failed to wound Wazdakka then beat the snot out of the sorceror, doing 4 power klaw wounds and killing it! My bikers then beat the snot out of the raptors. The raptors lost their morale check and ran away. Again I consolidated onto the objective.

In Ians turn he tried to knock out the flyers but didn't roll high enough when he penetrated with his obliterator's las cannons. The rest of the army tried to shoot my bikes but their bolter rounds just pinged off my bikes. He charged my bike squad with his remaining 2 squads of marines. They lost horribly in combat and ran away as well.

At the end of the turn I held 2 objectives again and claimed another 6 points. Ian still had 0 :( I was feeling bad at this point.

Turn 3

Turn 3 was pretty much just me shooting at stragglers running away and my dakkajets ineffectually shooting at the obliterators. The obliterators then returned fire at the dakkajets and were equally ineffectual.

Turn 4

We gave up. It was just getting ridiculous. We gave up counting objective points because it was just silly at this point.

Lessons learnt:
Nob bikers are way more powerful than I thought they'd be. the 4+/5+Fnp against everything including lascannons was just crazy. The allocating half of their shots due to them all being characters was even crazier. You just pick what you want to die basically.

Dakkajets are kind of sucky but a good distraction. I'll keep fielding them simply because I like the models and it fits with my speed freaks army.

Its all well and good having obliterators that can claim objectives but you actually need to move them to the objective!

Mysterious objectives are fun! and they give you a reason to go after them before the last turn.

I'm on holiday for the next 2 weeks so I won't get to play for a while. I'm looking forward to the 40k tournament on the 12th of August in Northampton. Its a 1500 point tournament run by the Guardians of Tyr (see the link on the right hand side). Now I need some sleep. Got work in 7 and a bit hours!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Final Dakkajet finished!

I've just finished painting my 3rd and final Dakkajet. I managed to get it done just in time to use all three at tonights gaming night. The list I'm using is a Warboss on bike + nob bikers, Wazdakka Gutsmek + a big squad of bikers and the 3 dakkajets. It doesn't seem like much but there's a lot of S5 and S6 twin linked shots. I just hope I don't play against someone with armour 13/14.

I didn't really like this dakkajet when I was making it, I was sure it was going to be a massive failure. But I think it turned out alright in the end. Now I wish I could take them as squadrons so I can make more and crazier dakkajets.

The Dakka Skwadron is complete!
Now to see how they fare in a normal 6th edition game.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

2 dakkajets from 1 dakkajet kit - plane 2 work in progress pics

My 3rd and final plane is a monsterpiece of orkish bodgery (bojery?). The scratch built fuselage is made of plasticard and bits. The pilot and propeller are from a deffcopta. The wings are from a Dakkajet kit. I found that the exhaust pipes from the kit managed to fit quite nicely when turned upside down.

This isn't my favourite dakkajet by any stretch but at least it looks properly orky. I think the GW kits look to streamlined and well built for orks, I prefer the forgeworld look that's more cobbled together.

Can I get it painted in time for my next game? I damn well better, I hate fielding unpainted models.

Friday, 20 July 2012

2 dakkajets from 1 dakkajet kit - plane 1 Finished!

My 2nd Dakkajet, part of my 2 dakkajets from 1 kit project is now finished (except for the base). Those windows are a pain (pun intended) to paint.

For this kit I scratch built the wings and used the fuselage from the GW kit. The other Dakkajet has a scratch built body and wings from the kit and is a propeller aircraft instead of a jet.

Not really much to say about the painting, it was done in the same way as the last Dakkajet.

Anyway. Pics.... lots of pics:

2 down, 1 to go.
Tune in tomorrow for my work in progress pics for the hideous 3rd dakkajet. Looks a bit like a flying box.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Servo Skull Tape Measure - Painted

I bought the Servo Skull tape measure last weekend. It looked alright in its silver and red but I saw potential for it to look so much better. So I painted it. Didn't take long but I did need a few coats of bleached bone to begin with to get a nice even colour to start from.

The Original

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lots of pics of last Mondays 4 player 40k

Last Monday we played a 2v2 game of 40k. 2 Blood Angels players vs a Marine and Nid player. We setup in a weird quarters situation with our ally in our opposite corner and our opponent either side of us.

It made for a fun and weird game.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

First game of 6th - 4 player mayhem

Yesterday our club had its first game of 6th edition. We decided to have a 4 player game on a big board. I thought we were going to have a 2v2 game but instead we had an all vs all game. 1 of us had actually played the new rules, 2 of us had read them thoroughly and the other one hadn't looked at them at all. This of course made the game a lot longer..... a lot lot longer..... We got to the end of turn 4 by the time we gave up. I'd nearly lost everything by this point anyway.

Waaagh! Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka!

We rolled for the random mission and made up our own deployment to make things fit. We got the relic mission (like capture the flag). Carl got the point for first killed unit by killing one of Jons defilers with his first shots. It was our first experience of the new system with armour points. The defiler died from loss of armour. It was a strange experience being killed from immobilised results.

Jon looking happy as usual.

I found the whole armour points thing to be quite nice. I killed 2 razorbacks with glancing shots from my nob bikers and my dakkajets. Ian didn't like the fact that you now have to have even more dice or markers on your tanks. I like the new system because I tend to use more combat style armies and rarely take any high strength shooty units.

This bloody thing just wouldn't die!!!!

Combat is so much different now. I absolutely hate overwatch shots, it shreds my orks before they get into combat. Challenges are a mixed bag I think, it can really screw around with your squad leaders. A nob with a power klaw in combat can now get annihilated in a challenge or hide at the back and do nothing. Not really a good thing. I think challenges should have been kept to independent characters. Hammer of wrath isn't as good as I initially thought it was, I thought it was simply every charging model got an I10 hit but its only the ones that make it in base to base that get it. This messed up big time on my charge as the one model that I got into base to base was the one issuing my challenge, the challenge went ahead and stuff got moved. I also hadn't read about the whole piling in only on your initiative value. That was weird and messy. I thought you simply piled in by initiative and then work out the hitting not a case of actually moving when its your turn to hit. This being the case, nothing piled into my nob bikers to get hit by the I10 hammer of wrath as I'd planned. Oh well, it was all for learning anyway.

Walkers seemed really fragile in this game. I hope that's not a trend I'll see continue.

Things I've learnt so far:
  • combats are dangerous to charge into, you can get shot to hell before you even get to hit things.
  • flyers are cool but you need to think ahead about where its going. 
  • Look out Sir! is a pain in the arse. I liked the old wound allocation system just fine.
  • Armour points are good. I used to hate getting a ton of glancing hits that do nothing.
  • Armour 12 flyers, i.e. stormravens and vendettas/Valkyries are an absolute pain to try and kill now.
  • Bikers rock. No more instant death on my toughness 5 nobs!
  • Feel no Pain rocks on my nob bikers too. Lascannon to the face... don't care, didn't feel it lol.
  • The leader traits thing is random and annoying. I got the scoring unit one for my leader, it was pointless for the game we played. Carl got a good one and I can't remember what Ian and Jon got. I think Jon forgot to even roll one.
  • Don't play a 4 player game when you're learning a new ruleset.
Tomorrow I get  to play a game of 5th because my friend doesn't have a new rulebook. I'm going to get really confused and my head may or may not explode.

Friday, 6 July 2012

2 dakkajets from 1 dakkajet kit - plane 1 work in progress pics

I decided that I needed 2 more Dakkajets for my orks. Being an orky player, I refuse to have 2 vehicles looking the same. It just doesn't seem right. At first I thought I'd just convert one and make it different from the kit. Then it struck me that I should make 2 planes from 1 kit and just scratch build the rest. It'll look good (hopefully) and be cheaper than buying 2 kits. And that's the true essence of Orky vehicles.

For my first plane I'm using the fuselage and pretty much bodging the rest of it. For the second plane I'll scratch build the fuselage and use the wings from the kit.