Saturday, 21 July 2012

2 dakkajets from 1 dakkajet kit - plane 2 work in progress pics

My 3rd and final plane is a monsterpiece of orkish bodgery (bojery?). The scratch built fuselage is made of plasticard and bits. The pilot and propeller are from a deffcopta. The wings are from a Dakkajet kit. I found that the exhaust pipes from the kit managed to fit quite nicely when turned upside down.

This isn't my favourite dakkajet by any stretch but at least it looks properly orky. I think the GW kits look to streamlined and well built for orks, I prefer the forgeworld look that's more cobbled together.

Can I get it painted in time for my next game? I damn well better, I hate fielding unpainted models.


  1. Love the blog I have one to you mite like at

    1. You have some amazing orky conversions dude! I've added you to my blogroll to keep tabs on your work :)