Friday, 6 July 2012

2 dakkajets from 1 dakkajet kit - plane 1 work in progress pics

I decided that I needed 2 more Dakkajets for my orks. Being an orky player, I refuse to have 2 vehicles looking the same. It just doesn't seem right. At first I thought I'd just convert one and make it different from the kit. Then it struck me that I should make 2 planes from 1 kit and just scratch build the rest. It'll look good (hopefully) and be cheaper than buying 2 kits. And that's the true essence of Orky vehicles.

For my first plane I'm using the fuselage and pretty much bodging the rest of it. For the second plane I'll scratch build the fuselage and use the wings from the kit.

1 comment:

  1. That looks pretty awesome! Can't wait to see the second one.

    I'm with you 100% in the thought that Ork vehicles should all be individuals!