Tuesday, 24 July 2012

3 Dakkajets put into action in tonights game

Tonight at the club I used the list I mentioned in the last article. It was an ork biker list, with a nob biker squad with warboss, wazdakka with a big squad of bikes and 3 dakkajets. I played against Ian's dark mechanicus army (basically chaos marines). He had a squad of 10 terminators, 6 obliterators, 2 squads of marines in rhinos and a raptor squad with a sorceror. 16 models with 2+ saves!!!

The fastest moving orks in the galaxy!

The green baddy mechanicus of doom

I rolled for a random mission and we got the D3+2 objectives one that allows heavy support units to score and you collect points at the end of every turn for claiming objectives. No good for me as I had no heavys. The deployment was short table edge each, so the opposite of the old pitched battle. We decided to only allow the objectives in the middle of the board instead of the actual game restrictions as I'd have just sat on my 2 objectives the whole game.

Turn 1

I managed to steal the initiative and moved my bike squads onto the objectives in the middle. The mysterious objectives gave me a +1 to cover saves on the middle objective and skyfire for the left objective. The +1 cover save was awesome as ork bikers have a 4+ cover save as basic anyway, the skyfire sucked because Ian had no flyers but if he too the objective he could shoot mine out of the sky with ease.

I shot my nob bikers at his termis, killing a reaper autocannon dude with my precision shots. Yay for nobs all being characters and their dakkaguns being twin linked. Wazdakka and his boyz destroyed an rhino with their shooting.

Now for Ian's retaliation. He shot everything at my 2 squads. My nobs took a handful of wounds and spread them out amongst themselves and the other squad lost 1 or 2 bikes. He then tried charging my nob bikers with the termis. The termis failed to get far enough and my overwatch firing killed the other autocannon, again yay for precision shots when all the shots you need to hit anyway are 6s. His sorceror tried to use lash of submission on my nobs but rolled an 11 and failed, he then rolled too low for them to charge too. This left most of his army in front of me, waiting for me to charge.

I held 2 objectives and had killed the first unit. 7 points to me in turn 1??!?

Turn 2
There used to be a 10 man terminator squad in front of the nob bikers in the left of the pic. The stuff behind the hill is the dead pile, the stuff on the hill is the obliterators.

2 of my Dakkajets arrive from reserve. In the shooting phase I call the Waaagh to get double the shots with my dakkajets, they killed 2 or 3 marines, pants!

My nob bikers charge the termis after killing another with shooting. My painboy got killed by the overwatch but my nobs annihilate the terminators in combat. It was ridiculous how powerful the nob bikers were. The consolidated back onto the objective.

My biker squad and Wazdakka charge the raptors and sorceror. I thought about issuing a challenge and chose not to. Then Ian issued a challenge, after some thought I thought screw it and let wazdakka accept the challenge. He kicked arse! Ian failed to wound Wazdakka then beat the snot out of the sorceror, doing 4 power klaw wounds and killing it! My bikers then beat the snot out of the raptors. The raptors lost their morale check and ran away. Again I consolidated onto the objective.

In Ians turn he tried to knock out the flyers but didn't roll high enough when he penetrated with his obliterator's las cannons. The rest of the army tried to shoot my bikes but their bolter rounds just pinged off my bikes. He charged my bike squad with his remaining 2 squads of marines. They lost horribly in combat and ran away as well.

At the end of the turn I held 2 objectives again and claimed another 6 points. Ian still had 0 :( I was feeling bad at this point.

Turn 3

Turn 3 was pretty much just me shooting at stragglers running away and my dakkajets ineffectually shooting at the obliterators. The obliterators then returned fire at the dakkajets and were equally ineffectual.

Turn 4

We gave up. It was just getting ridiculous. We gave up counting objective points because it was just silly at this point.

Lessons learnt:
Nob bikers are way more powerful than I thought they'd be. the 4+/5+Fnp against everything including lascannons was just crazy. The allocating half of their shots due to them all being characters was even crazier. You just pick what you want to die basically.

Dakkajets are kind of sucky but a good distraction. I'll keep fielding them simply because I like the models and it fits with my speed freaks army.

Its all well and good having obliterators that can claim objectives but you actually need to move them to the objective!

Mysterious objectives are fun! and they give you a reason to go after them before the last turn.

I'm on holiday for the next 2 weeks so I won't get to play for a while. I'm looking forward to the 40k tournament on the 12th of August in Northampton. Its a 1500 point tournament run by the Guardians of Tyr (see the link on the right hand side). Now I need some sleep. Got work in 7 and a bit hours!


  1. Can't Precision shot on overwatch. And Objectives only give vp's at end of game.

    1. Yep was wrong on the objectives but as we'd discussed it at the beginning and went with what I wrongly said at least we were both playing the same mission so it wasn't an issue.

      I can' find anything about not precision shotting on overwatch. Do you have a page reference?

    2. Found the precision shot thing after asking on librarium online. Thanks for the help but please provide a page ref so I'm not running around in circles next time.

  2. I found this post in google. This is a fantastic and informatics post for me..

  3. This is very intriguing, i'm wondering though on how a big squad of stormboyz would fair compared to bikers? Any opinions?

    1. I never thought to compare them really. I have to admit that I've never fielded stormboyz. I've never liked the idea of squishy orks out in the open even if they can move fast.

      I would personally take bikes over stormboyz everytime because of the ton of twin linked S5 shots, their 4+ coversave and the T5. I think ork bikes are the best bikes in the game and are super cheap for what they do.

    2. Thanks for the reply, i also like the bikerz toughness and 4+ CS but wondered how squads of 15 stormboyz would fair deepstriking onto the field. Might give it a try sometime to see how effective they are.

  4. good report, nob bikers are defiantly challenging the Paladins at the top of the deathstars!