Sunday, 12 August 2012

Guardians of Tyr 1500 pt 40k tournament today

After a gap in my posts due to a holiday in Croatia I'm back!

Today I took part in the GoT 1500 point tournament in Northampton. There was a good turn out for this one and quite a few new players and armies. I took my bikerz and dakkajets from my previous post, basically: Warboss on bike, 7 nob bikers, Wazdakka, 11 bikers, 3 dakkajets. Its quite a hard list but not impossible to beat by any stretch.One thing I've learnt is that the dakkajets look nice but die quickly and rarely kill much but I just like them too much.

1st game was 2 hidden objectives and I was pitched against a Blood Angel player with Mephiston leading a seemingly random assortment of units. His random assortment proved very capable though. I cocked up on this mission by overestimating the strength of his sanguinary guard and got scared into hiding my nob bikers to claim an objective. Big mistake! My hardest hitting unit hiding like cowards while the rest of my army got slaughtered. In the end I had 1 contested objective and he had 2 uncontested objectives. He also scored a crap ton of bonus points for killing Wazdakka with Mephiston too.

The marines that he had painted were really nice, shame there was so few.
Mephiston next to sanguinary priest! Cheese I cried! Its the sort of thing I'd do though....

2nd game was 5 objectives and I was against my old opponent Mark Pagett and he was using Guard with allied Grey Knights. A spawny army with 2 vendettas and a stormraven! lol. It was a fun game and there were many dead guardsmen. It was a draw in the end with both of us claiming 2 objectives each, he held one with 3 guards men and another held by a commissar lord with one wound (any infantry could hold in this tourny), I held one with some bikes and one with Wazdakka. My dakkajets were actually useful in this game, killing a vendetta and quite a few guardsmen. My nob bikers absorbed his entire army's firepower for pretty much the entire game and slaughtered 2 squads of grey knights, an inquisitor and a squad of guard vets in combat. A fun game.

3rd game was annihilation. I was against Glenn Few, who I played against in the last tournament. He was using his Red Scorpion marines. I felt bad at the end because I know he's still learning and my army just splatted everything. I tabled his army without loosing a unit. I'm sure once he's got used to 6th edition and starts working out some shenanigans to pull with his marines he'll do a lot better.

I didn't play against these nids but they looked really cool so I had to fit them in here somewhere.

The standings at the end are below:

total player ach game 1 game 2 game 3
82 Mike Stewart 4 31 21 26 blood angels
64 Jon Ellam 8 15 13 28 marines
59 Dave Stewart 7 21 6 25 daemons
56 Mike Towers 6 8 13 29 orks
49 Ashley Taylor 4 23 12 10 guard
47 Ken Chambers 8 2 25 12 marines
45 Alex Jarosz 8 16 18 3 marines
41 Mark Perry 9 10 12 10 tyranids
41 Mark Pagett 5 12 11 13 Grey knights
14 Glenn Few 6 1 6 1 marines

A bit of a random mix and not entirely in line with the meta that the internet claims. Not even any Necron players but that's probably my fault as I'm normally the one with them.

I had great fun today and I'm looking forward to the next one already. I don't feel so bad about loosing so terribly to Mike Stewarts Blood Angels in the first game now because he slaughtered everyone else too. I might use guard next time, I have some sneaky ideas for them.


  1. Well done on a good finish in 4th and you came pretty close to second all things considered!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. No need to feel Bad Mike, I use the Tournament to learn the game, I enjoy win lose or draw. Not sure about "shenanigans" with marines there doesn't seem to be much synergy in the codex unless you use one the specials ( Vulkan etc...). Have run up a list for the 1750 tourny and would like to get a game in against your dirty Necrons, I am free for the 3 Mondays following Bank Holiday. Glenn.

    1. Would Monday 10th of September at the Cranfield club be ok? I think I'm going to watch the paralympics the Monday before.

    2. Yep no problem< are we back at original venue or still above student uni ?

    3. Still at the student CSA place at the moment but that could change. I'd say check the forum the week before hand to check.

  3. I know you say that its best to keep forces unknown so you don't tailor lists, but I have probably seen what your going to run ( Croissants of Doom). So in the interests of fairness my list is 99.99% as follows:

    Vulkan He'stan
    3 x Tactical ( 2x Droppod, 1x Rhino )
    10 Sternguard ( Droppod)
    2 x Landspeeder
    1 x Stormtalon
    2 x Vindicator

    1750 on the nose.

    1. Still haven't 100% decided on what I'm using but it'll definitely have scarabs+spyders, wraiths and nightscythes. I'm playing with converting up a necron aegis defence line, got the gun and the walls coming in the post.

      We're still in the CSA building for the time being, still having some issues with the social club :(

    2. Cheers Mike, Just letting you know that I am still on for Monday, cheers for the heads up about venue.