Tuesday, 14 August 2012

1750 point evil necron force OF DOOM!!!

Recently I started getting a craving to try some Night Scythes for my crons. Everyone has been saying they're awesome. Problem is, I normally use a scarab farm supported by wraiths and I couldn't quite figure how to re-jig my army to suit. Well.... today I had a poke around with a list and I think it is quite nasty. Well actually very nasty.

The list:
HQ - Destroyer lord with warscythe, sempiternal weave and mindshackle scarabs (attached to wraiths)
T - 3x5 warriors
Transports - 3x Night Scythes
FA - 2x6 wraiths, all with whip coils
FA - 7 scarabs
H - 3x3 spyders

All that comes to exactly 1750 points.

Hows that for target saturation with evil things. Do you shoot the scarabs before there's too many? Shoot the wraiths before they start ripping things apart? Or shoot the flyers?

I an objective mission I'll just keep the flyers out of harms way, probably flying them off the board a lot, then in the last turn drop the payload of warriors onto various objectives.

I have most of this list made and painted but this gives me a reason to paint up my 6 wraiths on my desk and I've now got 3 Scythes coming in the post.

I feel dirty for even considering using it but I want more tournament points next time!!!


  1. you need more scoring buddy. its a dangerous list but if 5/6 games are objectives, at that point level most marine players have at least 6 scoring options. drop half the whip coils and 1 spider from each. good positioning would reduce the need for that many coils. with those points i think you can afford another warrior and scythe. consider replacing destroyer lord with barge lord with the 3++. you can lol away anything with that. its a 3 wound t5 th/ss termie that strikes a bit faster against other termies and can get up to 7 attacks in a round and another d6 freebies.

    1. For the tournament I'm going to use this in there's 3 battles, 2 for objectives and one for kill points. The idea behind this is simply keep the warriors off the table until the end, I know its dodgy but my min/maxed scarab farm has done brilliantly in the past, this is just an evolution of it and actually has more warriors than I normally use.

      The scarabs swamp the board and get in the way of objectives anyway.

      Not going to drop the destroyer lord for a barge lord, barge lord is more fragile and costs a lot more. I was aiming for a cheap but still effective HQ choice. I don't like the barge lord in the new rules anyway, I loved moving it 24" and smacking things but can't do it anymore.

  2. It'll be interesting to see how this 'type' of list does.

    Personally I would focus solely on the Wraiths at first (the squad without Destroyer lord gets targeted by anything STR8 and above), then move onto the Scarabs/Spyders, the Flyers can simply be ignored, because there firepower isn't that bad against Infantry type armies, unless you start rolling tons of 6's.

    The Destroyer Lord is the way to go to help survivability.

  3. PS

    I've also added your blog to my blog list so can mine be added to yours?