Monday, 24 June 2013

GoT 4 way free for all 40k tournament!

Last Saturday was the 40k Mayhem tournament. 4 players, each with 1000 points, on a 4 foot x 6 foot board fighting over a relic and kill points. It was definitely mayhem. Alliances were formed, only to be broken the next turn. Backs were stabbed and bodies littered the battlefields at Wargames Workshop Milton Keynes.

The Format of the tournament was 2 games of 4 way or 3 way free for all. Each game to last a max of 3 hours. The objective was a relic in the centre of the board, this was worth 20 points. Kill points were worth 2 points each. There were bonus points for things like turbo boosting, reserves and scout moves. There were also pre-tournament achievement points for things like having a painted army (1pt), 1 point for each unit, 1 point for each troop choice, wearing a t-shirt in the colours of your army. The achievement points and points gained for both games counted towards a total that decided the winner at the end.

Before the tournament had started I had tricks up my sleeve. I had engineered my army to get a ton of achievement points. 32 points to be exact. I had maxed out my force org chart and managed to fit in a fortification and 2 transports! This gave me a bit of a head start as the closest other person only had 23 achievement points. Having such a crazy army was very risky though as there was a lot of easy kill points in it.

My army list for the day:
Big Mek with Shokk attack gun and boss pole
Big Mek with boss pole (Warlord)
3x 10 Grots
3x 10 Ork Boyz
3x 5 Lootas
3x Kannons
2x Trukks
2x Deffkoptas with big shootas
1x buggie with rokkits
Aegis Defence line with Quad gun.

The plan was to simply hide behind the Aegis and shoot everything, once everything was dead hop out and grab the relic. Of course plans rarely survive contact with the enemy though.

Game 1

The tables for the first game were decided by order of achievement points from highest to lowest. This put me on a table with mech Dark Eldar in front of me, Dark Angels diagonally opposite me and Salamanders to my right. I deployed behind my Aegis and got to go first. The Dark Eldar deployed as far from everyone's guns as possible, the Dark Angels turtled up behind their Aegis and the Salamanders put a squad of terminators and a vindicator within spitting distance of my orks, ready to tear them up.

The Salamanders grabbed the relic and started hauling it back to their deployment zone. Bullets were flying in every direction except between myself and the Dark Angels. Forced started thinning out but the Salamanders still held the relic by turn 3. The Dark Eldar sent on their flyer, it dropped a bomb and promptly fell out of the sky due to a hail of fire from the Ork Quad Gun (hehe).

With the relic almost safely in the salamander hands all attention turned to him and his forces came under attack from all angles. He managed a rather cheeky manoeuvre though. The Dark Angels were sending their bikers to grab the relic once the remaining stragglers of salamanders were wiped out. The Salamanders had dragged the objective up a level in the ruins though. Bikes can't clime ladders!! Game ends and nobody has the objective......

Game 2

The tables for the second game were decided by how many points you got in the last game. On the top table were myself (Orks), Ken Chambers (my nemesis) (Tau), the pink Eldar and the Dark Eldar. 

This time I decided to play for second place. I deployed my Aegis further back from the edge of my deployment and stayed behind it hoping that everyone would forget about me.

The Eldar grabbed the relic before the game had even started. They infiltrated their rangers right on it. These were then reinforced with the help of jetbikes and then the wraithknight. The scouts died and the wraithknight picked it up.

Then the Dark Eldar swooped in, stabbing their brothers in the back. The wraithknight was toppled by the combined firepower of the Dark Eldar, Orks and Tau. Wracks got out of their venom and ambled over to the relic and picked it up.

As soon as the wracked picked up the relic they got shot out of existence by the Tau who send over their 2 riptides to pick it up. 2 riptides in 1000 points!!! Goddamit Ken!

The Eldar were wiped out by this point and the Orks and Dark Eldar set out to kill the Riptides. I gave up after a round of unsuccessful shooting and started picking of Tau infantry and Dark Eldar things.

The Riptides just laughed off the incoming fire with their 2+ saves and feel no pain. They went and hit in the corner away from my guns and waited for the end of the game. The end came and they still had the objective. Bodies lay everywhere..... except in the ork deployment zone! My plan to be ignored worked. I only lost 4 units, 2x deffcoptas, a buggy and a trukk. Everyone else was devestated. Ken had just his 2 riptides and his HQ suit thingy, the Deldar had a couple of venoms and a ravager and the Eldar were gone completely.

After the totals were added up I was expecting Ken to win as he had the relic and me (hopefully) get 2nd. Lo and behold! I beat him with a crap ton of bonus points and kill points. 44 points to 42! The trick was keeping 9 units in reserve as each one got me a point when it came on. Also sitting back and picking off stragglers with my lootas made a big difference. Sorry Ken.

End Result

After the end of the game I had no idea who would win as it was possible to get a huge amount of points if played right, Ken got  52 points in the first game. The results were announced in order from last to first. Making me wait to be put out of my misery. I came first!!! AAAAhhhh! I went into the tournament thinking it was impossible to plan and win in free for all games. I didn't even touch the relic in either game. Turns out that was the winning move. Let everyone duke it out for the relic and you just sit there killing them one by one.


Thanks to Ian Wardle of Guardians of Tyr for organising the event and thanks to everyone who took part.


Pts T. ach G. ach Kp's S.troops Relic
Michael towers 116 32 40 34 10 0
Ken chambers 2 110 16 19 34 1 40
James hulance Taylor 1 81 21 17 22 1 20
Chris king 3 79 23 22 30 4 0
Dan burrows 1 69 22 13 14 0 20
David Stewart 1 69 14 18 16 1 20
Keaton James Callaghan 3 69 12 19 18 0 20
Jake trapnell 0 61 14 15 10 2 20
Michael Stewart 2 60 15 15 28 2 0
Steven almond 1 58 17 21 16 4 0
Dean Hankin 0 45 15 18 12 0 0
Tobias Barr 0 42 17 8 14 3 0
Tom van den end 0 41 16 14 10 1 0

0 0 0 0
numbers after names indicate 0
0 0 0 0
warlord kills 0
0 0 0 0


  1. Congrats, what are you holding?

    1. It was a medal and £25 of vouchers for the shop. They give out medals for first and second place.