Sunday, 5 July 2015

OMG, I'm back!


After nearly 2 years to the day of not posting I'm back. I have been on hiatus from 40k for a variety of reasons, mainly because it stopped being fun and then 7th changed 40k beyond recognition for me. I have spent 2 years working on model railways instead. Which was relaxing and there was no pressure to win win win. 

Well, I have now moved due to work and there is a wargaming club where I have been sent. So against my better judgement, I find myself sliding back into it. I'm a little bit miffed about the costs of simply getting back into it though, 1 codex and the rulebook is all I need. Just that comes to £80!!! WTF!! I have found a cheap rulebook on ebay for £20 but I think I'll have to pay full whack for the necron codex. I have access to the necron codex though and I'll write up a list and see if I can get a game at the club tomorrow night. 

So much seems to have changed since 6th edition 40k and the old codex. I don't have a clue what the deal is with formations and pretty much everything seems to have been tweaked or changed. My flayed ones might actually get deployed at some point now, I just have to find them all in the loft and reattach various arms that have come off. 

I think I'll start off with a simple army to get back in the swing of things. Lots of warriors, a destro lord to lead a big squad of them for preferred enemy, a couple of ghost arks and some wraiths if I have spare points.

So much stuff to try and take in. There are 4 new armies since I stopped playing... how did that happen??

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