Sunday, 28 February 2016

Kingdom Death Phoenix - painted

With the Kingdom Death expansions from the Kickstarter being sent out in the post now it gave me a kick in the backside to actually paint some of the models. I have started with perhaps not the easiest model from the game, the Phoenix. The Phoenix is some sort of horror nightmare bird/human hybrid with hands protruding from places that they normally shouldn't be for extra WTF. Assembling the monster was a nightmare too because of all the little hands that have to be individually stuck on and they only fit in certain places and there were no instructions, luckily some people on the web have posted up instructions of what fits where but it was still hard work. The rest of the model went together easily and being plastic there was no pinning necessary.

Painting the Phoenix

This model seems at the same time to be really detailed and not really detailed. It was relatively quick to paint as there were lots of details but they were repeated, i.e. lots of hands, lots of feathers etc. rather than a say a GW inquisitor model with lots of individual unique details requiring different colours. The hands were a bit of a pain because of all the different angles to paint but the result was worth it. I tried to paint it like a vulture but somehow ended up doing my usual generic flesh colours, whatever works and is easy I suppose.

I didn't take a picture of his backside, you can google that if you want to see why lol.

He's big!
A face within a mouth isn't something you see everyday

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