Thursday, 26 April 2012

2000 point Necrons vs Nurgle CSM

Last Monday I played a large game with my crons led by Imotekh vs a big pile of deathguard with a few daemons. There's no point in a lengthy battle report suffice to say that I generated a ton of scarabs and almost all of the damage in game was down to combat. Imotekh killed 2 rhinos with lightning, my derpstar squad of lords killed a termy squad half of which died to mindshackle scarabs hehe. My wraiths were proving to be great as usual. My scarab squad munched a 2nd squad of termys. In the end the crons won by a couple of kill points, mainly due to the unstoppable pile of scarabs and the 9 spiders with them.

Jons CSM are awesomely painted by the way.


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