Saturday, 7 April 2012

Last game of the Alaris Dream campaign

The end is upon us!

This week saw the last game of the 40k Alaris Dream campaign at my club. Throughout the campaign we had been fighting to get relics for our special characters. Now it was time to see who'd win them in the end. 

Imotekh makes it night time. My camera makes it sunset.

The last game was a 6v6 game with 1000 points each. We had to field our special characters if they were alive. The objective of the game was to collect relics from the other characters. All of the relics were on the same side though....... so we had to kill each other to get them..... 

For this mission the special rules were: 
   Your character had to move as quickly as possible to the nearest relic
   You were allowed to attack your allies
   After turn 1 your character must roll a reserves roll. If it is passed then they teleport away from the battle to a 2'x2' table to duke it out with the other characters

 Necron Warrior: I though you were our friends
Ork: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhh

As I had a relic I knew that my allies would turn on me. I kitted out Imotekh with a derpstar squad of lords, crypteks and an overlord. One cryptek had veil of darkness so I could teleport to whichever objective I wanted, one had a chronometron for re-rolls (which came very much in handy), one with an eldritch lance. The rest of my army was 3x5 warriors and 2 wraiths to annoy Mark because he loves them so much.

Imotekh has his lightning ability. As I knew everyone and their pet dog might be attacking me I decided to use his lightning  on every unit on the table that wasn't mine. All this did was kill an immolator that was nowhere near me and annoy a lot of people hehe.

A wraith proxied as my overlord because I'd left my overlord attached to his command barge at home. Doh!

The derpstar squad and Imotekh did really well. They almost killed a chaos lord who had 2 relics, killed most of his squad of CSM, killed a squad of 8 chaos termys too!! After all that they hadn't lost a single man (er necron?). The chronometron came in handy to re-roll Imotekhs teleporting away roll when I didn't want him to go. 

By turn 5 Imotekh teleported onto the small table of doom. On there already was an Ork warboss, a Chaos Lord, Typhus, a Grey Knight character, The Swarmlord and a guard Psyker character. Imotekh sucks in combat so I knew I was doomed.

Crazy things happened though. The Swarmlords psychic powers killed a 2 or 3 of the enemy characters. Imotekh killed the warboss. Imotekh then got stuck into combat with the chaos lord he'd been trying to kill all game. The chaos lord had other ideas though. He had a relic that let him re-roll failed saves and I didn't have a power weapon, so he effectively had a 2+/2+FNP! We failed to kill each other and eventually the swarmlord killed us all.
So in the end the Swarmlord won the campaign by only winning the last game. Congrats to Matt Franklin who normally doesn't have much luck playing 40k. I'm happy with how Imotekh did, he was fielded in 6 out of the 7 games in the campaign and only died at the end. He did fail his one and only we'll be back roll though grrrr.

Thanks to Ian and Barrie Wardle of Guardians of Tyr, it was great fun. If I did the campaign again I'd probably choose Mephiston instead as there was a lot of character combat involved. Now I need to finish writing the campaign I was planning......

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