Sunday, 20 May 2012

3rd place at local WoW TCG tournament :D

Today was the local Warcraft card game tournament in Northampton at Wargames Workshop (

I've had a fair bit of apathy for 40k recently. The campaign ended at the club and lack of releases and the fear of 6th edition has kept things relatively quiet. So I've been playing card games more and haven't had anything to post about much on here. I do have some resin wraiths and a tombstalker to make for my crons but I just can't find the oomph to do it :( So today I played in my first WoWTCG tournament and had some fun but I did feel frozen all the time, they need some heating in the shop lol.

I played using my Sylvanas deck with some other bits and bobs from boosters. Annoyingly none of the things I wanted to come out did but I didn't do too badly anyway. I managed to get my pet panther out and boost it up to 10 damage, mwahaha!

I found playing against a Death knight to be an unpleasant experience. He didn't directly do much damage with allies but kept piling on diseases on to my hero and spamming bloody ghouls! The diseases were just irritating. I need more cards to kill abilities.

I also played a game against a green deck with trees and murlocs. The game went so quickly I didn't even see what the hero was. It was slaughter lol. Barry knows his stuff (and has a ton of cards to pick from lol).

It was nice to play in my first tournament and I'm quite happy with how I did considering its a new game for me. I did manage to get a medal and won a playing mat for attending. I also got various cards for attending and pre-booking. I came 3rd in the end. Yay!

After the games I managed to build an entirely monster deck from the boosters I bought. Its led by an ogre shaman and is full of a mix of ogres, murlocs, satyrs and a few trees. First game I played with it I hadn't shuffled very well and pretty much got quest cards until I died, I shuffled the deck properly and got rid of some quests and I did quite well, killing the worgen rogue I played against, played by Ian, one of the tournament organisers.

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