Monday, 11 June 2012

Last tournament of 5th edition 40k - Sunday 17th @ WargamesWorkshop, Northampton

Next Sunday is my last tournament for the current edition of 40k at wargamesworkshop in Northampton, run by the guys at Guardians of Tyr. A pretty standard 1500 point tourney and I plan on using my Imotekh/Scarab Farm army. I wanted to use my Orks or my Blood Angels but I know that one of the opponents is going to use guard and my Imo/Farm combo is the only army I can chuck out that has a chance against a leaf blower list. I know I shouldn't tailor my lists but sod it! It is a tournament after all.

My 1500 point list is a cut down version of the 1750 point list I used for the RAFWA tournament a few months ago. I've had to cut my fun bits down to the bare minimun and I've really found that 1500 points is just too small for 40k these days. I can't wait for 6th edition to happen and for everything to be shaken up. Hopefully games will get bigger so I can field more effective combos and be able to protect my vulnerable bits better.

I've got an Ork Bomma coming in the post, can't wait to assemble this kit. I'm really excited and aprehensive at the same time about the introduction of aircraft into 40k. I just hope they get the rules right. 6s to hit it with normal guns, stuff like that. Its just a shame that I can only have 3 dakkajets..... I'm contemplating scratch building an ork biplane and casting is in resin.

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