Sunday, 17 June 2012

2nd place at the Guardians of Tyr 1500 point 40k tournament!

Today was the 1500 point 40k tournament at wargames workshop (not GW) in Northampton (in the UK for anyone in the states reading this). I had ballsed up before I even started playing, I'd left my bag at home with all my dice, my rulebook, my codex, my army list etc. in it. It was a bit of a panic moment, had to borrow everything except my army, cost me a tournament point :(

The tournament involved 3 games over the day with 5 turns in each game, but we only managed 4 turns in each of the games I played in. I used my Imotekh/Scarab farm combo and found it to be good only if I deployed my scarabs as close as possible to the opponent while keeping them safe. Unfortunately I was trying to play too safely for the first 2 games and the horde of scarabs never did much.

1st game was 2 random objectives each, these were kept secret from your opponent. I managed to claim one objective and my opponent had 2. If we played for another 2 minutes it would have been a draw due to me smashing his guardsmen in combat with my scarabs and pulling them off the objective. :(

Ian vs Ian, Guard vs Marines

2nd game was 5 objective on the map. I held 1 objective at the end and my opponent contested one with me. So I won that one. I managed to keep night fighting going on the whole game with Imotekh, the lightning did loads of damage, more than the rest of my army.

Unleash the Swarm! This unit of scarabs started the game as only 3 bases.
I'm gunna eat you....

Multi Melta to the face!

3rd game was kill points with table quarters deployment. I was playing against a very nicely painted Red Scorpions army played by someone who found the tournament by reading this blog :) 
I managed to get a huge horde of scarabs into combat with my opponent and they chomped through his army with the help of my spyders. In just one combat the scarabs charged into 2 squads of marines and the rhinos they were riding in before. Both the rhinos exploded and I killed a bunch of marines. Then my scarabs piled into combat getting even more into the melee and slaughtered the rest. After that combat they wandered over to the stern guard squad led by a librarian and promptly started munching on them but we had to end the game at that point. 

Overall I beat Ian McDonald by only one tournament point to claim 2nd place. It was 46 points to 45. Congrats to Ian Wardle who claimed overall victory for the tournament.

Congrats to Ian


  1. It's so relieving seeing 2 well painted armies in a battle report. Oh, and congrats to Ian!

    1. Thanks.
      Its always nice to see nicely painted armies on the table. I would have got pics of the other armies but I'd left my camera in the car.