Monday, 18 June 2012

First steps back into Warmahordes - a 35 point reminder game

Tonight at the gaming club I played my first Warmachine game in probably over 3 years. I used to play occasionally but gave up when mk2 came out. With the wait for 6th edition of 40k there has been a resurgence of interest into other games, at out club Warmachine has all of a sudden become very popular. It'll probably go back to 40k in about a months time.

For tonight's game we played 35 points. I used my Cryx with Terminus, Deathjack and some other stuff in a not really thought out list, I just picked what I had painted really. I played against a Cygnar army led by Epic Nemo and a ton of lightning based painful stuff. It was weirdly enough almost exactly the same army that I played last many years ago that put me off the game. 

I deployed first and ran pretty much everything towards my opponent on the first turn. Probably a big mistake but I'm still learning. He moved forward a little bit, just enough to stay out of my charge range. He then started his lightning shenanigans. My pistol wraith and my machine wraith were quickly dispatched by his solos with some magic attacks :(

I almost pulled off an amazing blast attack with the Deathjack casting one of terminus' blast spells on his big unit of troops. Unfortunately it scattered away, wasting the 4 focus points I'd spent. If it had succeeded then Deathjack would have gained a huge bunch of soul tokens.

My Mechanithralls did absolutely nothing.

The Deathjack then got charged by his heavy jack and those troops I'd failed to kill. The game pretty much revolved around this combat from this point on. DJ stood there taking a punishing turn after turn but every turn DJ attacked he'd kill a couple of dudes and heal a D6 of damage for each one, much to the annoyance of my opponent. By the end of the game the Deathjack had killed his heavy jack and a bunch of the infantry and still had all his systems working :D

With the rest of my army; I went crazy with Terminus and charged him into a jack. After a couple of turns Termy had killed it but had taken a lot of damage.

In the last couple of turns some crazyness involving turning my leviathan jack into a giant magnet (apparently) and making it immobile screwed over my jacks. This gave Nemo an opening for him to charge into Terminus and finish him off personally. Yay for caster on caster combat, not yay for terminus only having 4 health when the combat started.

So in the end I lost but I put up a good fight. My heavy jacks were almost undamaged at the end and if I hadn't have forgotten about my units having tough and Terminus' awesome upkeep spell (can't remember the name) I might have won. Oh well, it was meant to be a learning game anyway. You always learn more from a defeat than a victory anyway.

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  1. Go DJ!
    You're my DJ!


    Nice paint job on your cryx!
    Really like that leviathan's base.