Thursday, 20 September 2012

Necron defence line ("Cyborg barricade set") unboxing

I recently came across a "Cyborg Barricade set" at with a decidedly Necron feel to it. Well I liked it so much I ordered it.

It arrived about a week and a half after I ordered it, all the way from South Africa.

I'm impressed by the crispness of the edges on the card and how easily it comes it comes out of the card sheets.

The set contains 8 sheets of card, enough to make enough walls to make an Aegis defence line. Also the pieces just happen to be exactly the same size as the aegis defence line sections which is convenient.

A Tesla gun seems a fitting substitute for a Quad gun in the defence line
All I need to do now is assemble the damn thing and I've been very lazy and not painted anything over the last month. I have managed to make a gun for the defence line and a destroyer lord using a destroyer body with an upper body from a lychguard with a warscythe.


  1. I am not too fond of the card. Do you think it will fail in time thanks to wear and tear? Shame something like that cannot be cast in resin.

  2. This looks pretty cool to be, but they seem to be out of stock at the moment :(