Friday, 12 October 2012

A busy tournament weekend ahead

I've got a busy 3 days ahead of me. On Saturday I'm going to Open War XVIII in Mansfield, its the 1st company vets tournament, i.e. the guys who play at Warhammer World. It will be my first big tourny, not sure exactly what to expect. After that I have the Guardians of Tyr 1750 point tournament in Northampton on Sunday. I'm currently top in the year long league there and I need to acquire more points to stay out in front even if I don't get a podium spot in the event.

The only problem is, my army isn't even finished yet! AAAHHH! No big worry though, I'm just finishing off some bases, painting my HQ and probably touching up some damage to some models. Should all be sorted by the end of the day.

I expect to take lots of pictures and post about both events next week. I'm really hoping that Mephiston appears again at the Northampton tournament so that I can smash him this time instead of him annihilating my army pretty much by himself (was my own fault, Orks are quite squishy to him).


  1. How'd things go?

    1. Sorting out the posts for it at the mo, it'll be up soon :)