Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Open War XVIII - Necrons take a beating - some nice pics of other armies too

What a busy 4 days of wargaming stuff I’ve just had. Friday was finishing my necron croissants and new destroyer lord, Saturday was Open War XVIII, Sunday was the Guardians of Tyr 40k 1750 point tournament and Monday was the first club night of our WarmaHordes Journeyman league. My girlfriend is desperately hoping I've had my wargaming fix for a while.

I’ll do a post on these things separately but I’ll start with Open War first.

It was my first big tournament and there were some proper hardcore army lists there. The list I was using was hard I know but some of them were just mental!

There were some truly excellent armies on show there too and I took some pictures, not particularly good ones though as my camera is a cheapo thing.

That immense and amazing dude in the middle was a Trygon, his entire army was based on a tyranid warrior theme

A Full on Death Korps of Kreig army, holy crap. There were very well painted too.

Pre-heresy Blood Angels FTW.

The list I was using was:

  • Destroyer Lord with Mindshackle scarabs, Sempiternal Weave and Warscythe
  • 3x 5 warriors
  • 1x 12 warriors
Dedicated Transports 
  • 3x Nightscythes
  • 1x Ghost Ark
Fast Attack
  • 6x wraiths with 2x whip coils
  • 9x scarabs
Heavies – 3x3 Spyders

So Basically a scarab farm, a DLord+Wraith squad and a little bit of flyer spam. I cocked up on my list by thinking I could have the 12 man warrior squad in the ghost ark but it only has a capacity of 10 and the scythes have space for 15 so I had to bung them in the flyer instead. Having just 5 warriors in the ark made it pretty ineffective but it was surprising how much people wanted it dead just because it’s armour 13.

First game was against Nids with lots of monstrous creatures. It was a kill points game so my opponent had his tervigons ruined effectively as any gaunts they make would just be squishy kill points for me. His list was (copied and pasted from his own blog lol http://clawsandfists.blogspot.co.uk):

Flying Hive Tyrant w. 2x TL Devourers & Hive Commander
Tyranid Prime w. 2x Boneswords, Scything Talons & Regen


Tervigon w. Cluster Spines, Toxin Sacs & 2 Powers
Tervigon w. Crushing Claws, Cluster Spines, Toxin Sacs & 2 Powers
10 Termagants
10 Termagants

2x Carnifexes w. 2x TL Devourers each

I can’t remember a great deal of this game as it was at the beginning of a very long weekend for me. We basically moved towards each other and duked it out in combat.

My wraiths and Dlord were in combat with a Trygon, Lots of Gaunts and eventually his Tyrant. The tyrant fell foul to my mindshackle scarabs in a challenge and smashed himself in the face. Eventually My lord and wraiths ground them all down to a gooey pulp without taking too much damage.

I generated a large scarab squad, somewhere in the region of 30 bases I think, and charged into his Carnifexes and slowy munched on them but was left with bugger all scarabs at the end and still in combat with 1 fex at the end. He was quite unfortunate with his rolling in this combat.

My flyers just flew around picking off easy targets like his lone zoanthropes and gaunts hiding at the back.

In the end I won 23-7 and I can’t for the life of me remember how that scoring works but I know I killed more and that’s what counted.

Game 2

Grey Knights with allied Blood Angels

He had 2 storm ravens, one from each army, Mephiston and a metric crap ton of shooting.

It was the mission where heavies can take objectives.

I was slaughtered. Grey Knights always seem to be the scissors to my paper in 40k. Nuff said.

Game 3

Grey Knights again :(

This was a really nicely painted and converted army. The entire army was a heresy/pre-heresy 1000 sons. 

Space Crusade Dreadnoughts!!

There were lots of plasma weapons which helpfully kept blowing up in the faces of the guys using them.

I lost this game but had a fun time loosing. I was pretty much slaughtered but not tabled this time. There was 1 truly epic turn where I had just 2 warriors left on the table and 2 of my flyers in reserve refusing to come on. The warriors were on an objective in ruins and the random ability it gave was a bonus to cover saves. My warriors went to ground and absorbed a round of shooting by everything that was in range without loosing either dude. They deserved a medal! My flyers then finally decided to arrive and saved me from being tabled.

Overall I ended up coming about 13th or 14th out of 18 but I had a good time. The venue was great, it had loads of tables and there were tournaments going on at the same time for Warmahordes, Epic and Warhammer Fantasy. Lunch was provided, a mixture of sandwiches, pizza, chicken nuggets etc. Chocolate cake was provided too in the afternoon. At the end there was a raffle and trophy ceremony. I didn’t win anything in the raffle even though there seemed to be enough prizes for half the participants.

The top 3 armies for the tournament were all Daemons.

Tomorrow I’ll post about the Guardians of Tyr tournament. I did better at that one…….

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