Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Random Model Wednesday 1 - Ork Runtbot

In an effort to stave off my inability to post regularly I have decided to start Random Model Wednesday. I'll pick one of my old models or someone else's, take some photos and write a brief description of any conversion work and painting methods. Wednesday seemed like a good day, nothing ever happens on Wednesdays.

My first Random Model Wednesday model is my Ork Runtbot. It was a limited edition Forgeworld model only sold at events in 2010. You can still see them on Ebay but they sell for silly money.

There's no conversion work on this model as I didn't feel the need to make it unique as its pretty rare anyway. I magnetised the join between the legs and the torso for transport and to avoid it snapping as being resin its quite fragile. I experimented with different washes to create a dirty rusty effect, I never seem to stick to the same method of painting rust for long.

Too much power for a grot!

I've used him a couple of times as a Warboss in my army. I had him leading a large squad of grots in a battlewagon. I quickly learned that this just doesn't work. Putting a big combat monster in a truely terrible combat squad doesn't balance it to a moderate combat squad, it just makes my big thing get trampled when they inevitably fail their morale test and run away. I'd love to make a grot army and have this dude in it but I don't have the patience to make hundreds of grots, I even know what models I want to represent things. There's some resing grot commissars models on the web that I'd use for runtherds, I'd convert some sort of model to represent a big mek with kustom force field, probably a bunch of grots with a big mechanism on wheels. I'd have to make some grot vehicles like buggies or maybe use the forgeworld grot tanks.

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