Sunday, 4 November 2012

2000 point semi Apocalypse Tournament with Guardians of Tyr in Northampton on 16/12/12

Guardians of Tyr are hosting their Final 40k tournament of the year on the 16th December at their usual venue of the Wargames Workshop store in Northampton.

This is the grand finale of the year long championship and is a 2000 point each apocalypse style game.

The event will be a single game on a huge table with all the players split randomly into 2 teams. The game will play out like an Apocalypse game with a set amount of time for each turn. Points are awarded for all sorts of things, players will have the team objectives and their own personal objectives as well as various bonus points.

I'm currently in the lead for the championship so I'll be taking part in the event if all goes well. It currently looks possible for someone to topple my position if they pull out all the stops on the day, we'll see what happens...... I'll not go down quietly.

Rules for the tournament can be found here and to book a place you need to contact the organisers here or if you contact Wargames Workshop they'll be able to book you a spot.

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