Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Random Model Wednesday 4 - Vostroyan Baneblade

This week my random model is my Vostroyan Baneblade. A long time ago I ran an IG Tank company, back in the days when an army made entirely of vehicles was legal. I love the Vostroyan models but they're a real pain to paint, I've only got 1 painted squad of them but a big painted army of Vostroyan tanks with lots of Leman Russes of various variants, Basilisks and my 2 superheavies, the Baneblade and the Macharius Vulcan.

I got the Baneblade when Apocalypse came out and there was excitement everywhere and multi-packs of tanks and such. I had to get the Baneblade, it was just so big and awesome compared to anything else available in 40k at the time. I do like using it but in total I think its been used about 5 or 6 times in the many years that I've had it. There isn't much appetite for Apocalypse where I play, there's usually 1 game at Christmas if I'm lucky.

The superheavy is painted up in the same colour scheme as the rest of my Vostroyan tanks. Firstly a base coat of vomit brown, then 5 progressive drybrush highlights up to rotting flesh. Then a coat of really watered down grey with a thicker wash of grey around the track areas. The metal areas were just boltgun metal with a blackish wash and the brass was brazen brass with brown wash and highlighted. 

The only modifications made to the tank are the extra 2 sponsons and the guitar string aerials. I had the original aerials but they snapped off, then I replaced them with brass rod, but these snapped off with the plastic they were attached to and I finally put guitar string in which will probably explode or something. 

This poor tank never gets used any more :(. My other armies are too much fun to use compared to my guard.

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