Friday, 23 November 2012

Necron Harbingers of Despair Cryptek conversions

Now that the warmachine league is over I can get back to 40k. I've got lots of prep work to get my necrons ready for the Blog Wars 4 tournament and the final Guardians of Tyr tournament of the year. Both in December, I've got just under 2 weeks to get all my stuff ready for Blog Wars. 

One of the things I've put in my army list for Blog Wars is a couple of Despair teks with veil of darkness. I don't like the Cryptek model that GW do and I can't even tell what type of tek its meant to be. As with my first tek I decided to make these out of normal warriors and odd bits and pieces I could find. I cast the heads with greenstuff from the mold I used last time. The staff is from the lychguard/triarch box and the weapony bits are from destroyers and the old metal spyder guns. To get the staff to hold together I had to pin it everywhere. One pin at either end and one for each hand. There was much cursing at the arms for not wanting to fit nicely to the warrior. I've put hoods on them because I like the idea of them being a bit spooky, being Harbingers of Despair. I'm not particularly good at sculpting so I hope they turn out ok after being painted. 

Now I just need to paint these guys up, along with a lord, a night scythe and 20 warriors, all before the 1st of December. AAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh..........

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