Friday, 16 November 2012

Kingdom Death Forsaker Unboxing

Today I got in the post my Forsaker from Kingdom Death. Some people will be familiar with Kingdom Death and some will not. It is a properly adult horror RPG (none of this PG13 crap that has creeped in everywhere) in development and they have released some limited edition models for it. Some of the models are a bit controversial like the very NSFW Wetnurse and the also NSFW Scribe. The models look highly detailed, spectacular and quite mindwarping. I couldn't resist the urge to buy something so I ordered the Forsaker as he looked cool and wasn't too expensive for a trial model.

It arrived today and I excitedly opened the box. Inside there was a lovely art card and a sort of limited edition certificate inside a protective sleeve. Underneath that there was the box with the model in it. The sturdy box has a print of the model on it. Inside the box there was yet another art card, with the head and torso of the forsaker on the reverse. Underneath that was the actual model.

The model itself looks very detailed. Its along the lines of a Forgeworld resin model, possibly a bit better as it seems a bit sturdier and has some very small details like the horns. So far I've only found a couple of tiny bubbles in the resin and they're in easy to fix places. Being resin I was worried that there might be missing bits of horn and such but I'm really impressed with their casting to get all the sharp tiny edges out and delivering it intact. The only warping that I can't find is in the sword but this should be easy enough to fix.

The base is a bit bizarre and I'm not entirely sure what to do with it. It is made of 2 discs, one with a lipped edge that a slightly smaller disc sits in. The larger disc has 30mm written on it in big letters on one side and a phoenix with 'I (heart) Poots' written on in on the other. I think I'll just glue the forsaker to the smaller disc and worry about the other one when the game comes out. 

Overall I'm very impressed with the combined product. The packaging is good and sturdy, the model is spectacular and the extras are a nice touch too. I just hope I can do the model justice when I paint it.

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