Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Random Model Wednesday 2 - Lich Lord Terminus

Lord Toruk doesn't believe in dentists.

I bought and painted this guy years ago, I had no idea what Warmachine was at the time, I just saw him and thought "I have to have that!".

It turned out to be an absolute beast of a kit! All metal and there's almost as much brass pinning as there is model! (slight exageration). 24 separate metal parts, only 2 weren't pinned. The big spikes on the back of the wings are all separate, each one having to be drilled out, then pinned and then modelling putty to fill the gaps. It was a challenge getting this guy to stand up but it was well worth it.

Some many awkward spikes!

You call that a bonesword Mr. Hive Tyrant! This is a Bonesword!

This model was a big and risky experiment for me paint wise. The only style of colour and shading on this model that I had previously done was the red on the cloak. The brass was painted with the help of instructions from Its a great website for painting tips. The greens were painted using paints mixed on the fly and I haven't used those particular colours since (can't remember what I did anyway). The necrotised flesh and bone was another experiment that worked quite well, I started with a plain white base and simply used a mixture of pale brown and green washes that were really watered down. I've used the same method on my other undead Cryx models since.

I'm very proud of this model, I just wish I knew how to use him effectively in a game. He's also a bit of a pig to try and transport, I have a little box just for him and the Deathjack filled with packing foam bits.

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