Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Random Model Wednesday 3 - Doom of Malan'Tai

This week my random model is my Doom of Malan’tai conversion. It is based on the standard Zoanthrope model. I replaced the head armour with the armour plates from a Mawloc’s head, I also replaced the little arms with some bigger arms and removed the back spines. I made this model a few years before fincast so it was a metal model, removing the top of the head was a right pain! I had to power file it off carefully, making sure I didn’t damage the rest of the model of accidentally file off my fingers. I had to greenstuff up the join between metal and plastic as it wasn’t a perfect fit. I also adjusted his neck, I don't like the way Zoanthropes have their faces pointing down. I cut off his head and green stuffed it back in place at a better angle.

The base was a resin Space Hulk style base. My entire nid army is themed like this to go with the stealers that came out of the limited edition Space Hulk. 

I painted the model in my standard nid colours, the paints used have long been out of production now :( bleached bone with flesh wash and blood red with brown ink.

This model hasn’t seen the table in quite a long time as I haven’t used my nids in ages. I don’t have the things that work in the current codex, just lots of genestealers and a handful of other gribblys like lictors and a shooty carnifex that isn’t even legal. I’ve got no intention of trying my nids again so this dude will just sit on my shelf.


  1. You don't happen to remember who you pulled those arms from do you?

    1. I think they're from a tyranid warrior but I'm not 100% sure. It was a looong time ago. I know they were plastic but that doesn't help much.

    2. looks like trygon small arms to me.

  2. reminds of of a bobble head crossed with a alien :) - nice work though.