Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Random Model Wednesday 5 - The random models that I've had to make for recent tournys

Do one eyed necrons have a monobrow?
For the last 2 tournaments I've tried new methods with my crons that required new models. I needed 2 Crypteks, Zahndrek, Obyron and a lord with a warscythe.

These models haven't been painted as nicely as they could have been but they're good enough for the table. I've been using a quick and easy method that I've developed recently due to having to make 25 extra warriors. I start with a coat of army painter silver spray. Paint on any other colours as base coats, like bronze for shoulders and weapons and red on their heads. Then dip the model in a huge pot of Vallejo black wash that I've added some matt medium and flow enhancer. Then just dry brush 1 or 2 highlight colours and I'm finished. I'm sure its more than halved the time it takes to paint my crons and I'm quite pleased with the results. I also don't paint the eyes any more as I think necrons looks spookier with dark eye sockets.

I had to rush to assemble and paint these before my gf got home and would want my attention.

My two cheapo crypteks have served me well so far.

This was the old metal lord that came with the Necron Warrior Phalanx but I replaced the warscythe to be more dynamic and less fragile.

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