Sunday, 19 February 2012

40k kill teams tournament - I won! Woop Woop!

Today was the Guardians of Tyr 40k Kill teams tournament at Wargames workshop. I entered with my 4 wraiths with whipcoils list and came 1st. We were allowed to give 3 models a universal special rule each, I gave one feel no pain, one fleet and one infiltrate.

It wasn't easy. The first 2 games my dice seemed to be lucky and my saves were going well (2nd game I didn't even lose a model, sorry Ian). 3rd game was pretty dire, I killed one space marine and lost 3 wraiths, loosing the game. 4th game I scraped a victory, 5th was a minor victory and 6th game was a hard fought victory deciding if I'd win or not. It was a good set of games and I enjoyed playing. The wraiths were pretty easy to use, I basically just had to hop from one LOS blocking bit of terrain to another until I was close enough to the enemy, most of the time that worked.

 Yay my first tournament trophy!

 The emperors finest hiding as far away from me as they could.

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