Wednesday, 29 February 2012

GW Airbrush - first proper use

Well, after getting my Necron vehicles undercoated silver I used the GW airbrush properly for the first time. There was no way on earth I was going to use a paint brush to put Devlan Mud on the models. The airbrush did a good job, not brilliant but not bad either. The only real issue was that the Necron warriors on the ghost arcs didn't really get a good coating on the bits facing the middle. That's not the airbrushes fault though, that's my fault for assembling it before painting it.

I painted 2 Ghost Arks and 1 Command Barge this was. Just painting on Devlan Mud. I'm happy with the results but it did use 2 entire pots of paint!!! On the plus side though it took waaaay less than half the time had I done it with a brush. So I'm happy. I just with you could dry brush with an airbrush lol.

Here's one of the Ghost Arks after dry brushing and some of the unfinished brass bits. Still very much work in progress.

Also, a preview of an article about a new method of doing flight bases that I've found (uses voodoo and magnets :O


  1. Ghost arks looking good, have you got a picture from the front? As for the GW airbrush I really could never get on with it.

    1. I'll post more pictures when its done. Its only about half way painted at the moment.