Friday, 24 February 2012

GW Airbrush initial review

I finally got round to assembling my Necron vehicles that I bought when the codex was released. When making them I realised that they were all going to be an absolute nightmare to paint. My initial thought was that you paint lots of bits before assembling. There are LOTS of bits that would need painting seperately and there is a hell of a lot of surface area to paint with a paint brush!

So I needed an alternative.... the GW airbrush came to mind. Its not too expensive so if it was a complete failure I wouldn't be too disappointed and I would test it on something else first anyway.

It arrived in the post today and I tried it in my lunch break. I found a poor unsuspecting genestealer that wasn't even undercoated. I loaded the airbrush with a tiny amount of tallarn flesh foundation paint and some water (about 50/50 mix).

The first thing I noticed was how powerful the air flow is. If you're painting small models you either need to stick them down or hold them in your hand or they'll get blown away as my genestealer did. I decided to hold it in my fingers.

The flow of paint out of the airbrush was really fine and consistent, much better than experiences I've had with aerosol undercoates.

After a few goings over I was left with a darkish flesh coloured genestealer. It was a great and quite even coat, no running or pooling. One thing I really like is that the details are still very crisp whereas if I'd painted it with a brush I would expect to loose a tad of crispness. The surface was also very smooth as there was no brush strokes.

All in all I'm pleasantly surprised with the good job it did. I look forward to dousing my Necron vehicles with devlan mud with it after I've undercoated them with silver army painter spray. It should reduce the painting time of my Necrons massively!

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