Thursday, 2 February 2012

We said we'd never speak of it again.......

....but we never said anything about writing about it.
Last Monday was another night of kill teams fun. It ended with a 4 way kill teams game with myself using necrons (4 wraiths) another necron player using 2 wraiths and some deathmarks, a chaos player with chosed and a pile of genestealers. 

Basically my wraiths and the genestealers ran towards the shooty armys, mine got there and the stealers didn't. I tore my way through the chaos chosen, barely taking a scratch, then set my sights on the remaining enemy necrons. His wraiths charged me and his snipers took out one of my wraiths. I managed to break through his assault with one remaining wraith. Slowly but surely I hacked and slashed my way through the deathmarks, taking a leadership test each turn. After 4 or 5 turns of Ld tests my wraith, left with 1 wound, stood triumphant on the battlefield with dead necrons and chaos strewn around him. Victory was mine [evil laugh]. Afterwards we said we'd never speak of the battle again but nobody stipulated anything about blogs lol.

Moral of the story - Wraiths with whipcoils absolutely kick arse in kill teams! I've yet to use them in a normal game but I look forward to it.

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