Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Game 4 of the Alaris Dream campaign

Today's game was a random objective game. There were 5 games on 6'x4' boards with one on one 1500 point games. There were 5 markers on each table, one in each quarter and one in the middle. Everyone was handed secret objective cards that were for their eyes only. The card detailed which 2 objectives were yours. Due to the secret and random nature of it some players had objectives in their opponents deployment zone and I'm sure some would have both players going for at least one of the same objective.

Each of the 5 tables had different terrain and this in turn had different effects on the game. Our force commander had asked us previously in the week if there were any preferences as to which board we wanted to play on. I picked the swamp board. The swamp counts the entire board, minus hills, as difficult terrain that grants 4+ cover. There's also a chance of your models being eaten by a swamp monster. I picked this board specifically so I could pull some C'Tan Writhing Worldscape shenanigans with Imotekhs nightfight and some scarab farming.

I won the roll to pick sides and go first. We could pick any side of the table. So I picked one of the short sides to keep Imotekh as far away from the enemy as possible. If he died then he'd be gone from the campaign permanently. 

My opponent was Space Wolves. His army was mech mainly with a squad of long fangs and a dreadnought.

Before the game started I had an ambush tactic to use. I decided on ambushing his Long Fangs with Imotekh's warrior squad. Imotekh's flamer attack massacred the squad killing 3 of the missile launchers. The relic Imotekh gained in the last battle came in use for the return barrage of fire. 2 missile launchers and a bolt pistol fired at Imotekh and his squad. The bolt pistol missed and the shot was reflected back, killing the sergeant (Yay relic!), one of the missile's was save due to cover, the other knocked down a warrior who promptly got back up again. The 2 remaining Long Fangs then cacked their britches and decided to leg it in the opposite direction but they regrouped at the beginning of the game.

Once the game got started it pretty much revolved around me getting my close combat elements to the enemy while Imotekh blatted things with lightning. He killed 2 rhinos and a razorback. Probably the best he's ever done with it. But the important thing was that the nightfight was keeping away fire from my warriors which were sitting nicely on objectives.

My Wraiths got to the enemy first but had been decimated by Vindicator fire by the time they got there. They managed to destroy the main gun on the vindicator before finally falling to their injuries. 

A turn later my scarabs got to the enemy. The didn't really kill much except for the dreadnought, taking 20 off its armour value lol. They mainly acted as a tar pit for the 2 squads of wolves and the lord that had got out of exploding rhinos.

My C'Tan killed a lone dude and I then made a hideous tactical error and charged him into a combat already going on with a horde of scarabs and wolves. The scarabs died in droves, loosing combat by 12. The poor C'Tan, after taking not a single wound, then fell due to fearless saves. He only killed one marine with his explosion :( After this his effect of making terrain dangerous was lost.

After this all happened, the Spyders finally made it into combat. They didn't do much either. They did manage to chomp through a few marines but eventually they had all fallen bar one that was in combat with the Wolf Lord.

At the end of the game my warriors had been sitting on their objectives the whole time and I'd kept the Wolves at bay. They held one objective and I held 2. I got 6 kill points and he got 5. Each objective was worth d666 (3d6 sort of) points, due to some lucky rolling I ended up with over 1200 points :D

It was a fun game but I really ballsed up with the C'Tan. I could have put the scarabs onto better targets too. I didn't realise that Space Wolves are so damn annoying in combat against mediocre combat units like scarabs.

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