Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Game 5 of the Alaris Dream campaign - Imotekh Lives Again!

Last nights game was the penultimate game of the club campaign. Due to issues with numbers on the Imperial side 2 of our games had to be changed to 3000 points Imperial vs 2x 1500 point bad guys. I was allied with Orks against 3000 points of Blood Angels.

My list was:
Imotekh, Destuction Cryptek with Gaze of Flame and chronometron cryptek attached to 20 warriors
Overlord with warscythe in Command Barge
2x 8 warriors with 2x Destruction crypteks in 2x Ghost Arks
4x Wraiths, 3 with Whip coils

Ork list was:
Warboss with Power Klaw
3x 30 boyz squads with a nob with power klaw and boss pole
10x burna boyz
6x deffkoptas with rokkits

Blood Angels (2x force orgs):
2x captains with lightning claws
1x sanguinary priest
1x furioso dread with blood talons in drop pod
3x scout squads
2x land raiders
2x vindicators
2x stormravens
1x predator with autocannon and lascannons
1x baal predator with the burny flame template thing
1x big assault squad

The game itself was an objective game with 5 objectives on the table. We were meant to play with a weird rule that meant all infantry (including jump infanty and bikes) would come back on as reserves. We canned this rule because our game was taking forever anyway and this would have made it insane.

Deployment was table quarters on a normal 6' x 4' table. This made it very hard to deploy 3000 points on either side. My deployment being squished to the side of our quarter effectively meant I was kept out of the game. The Orks filled a lot of our deployment and the Blood Angels were struggling for space too, too many orks and too many large BA vehicles.

Before the game started we all had ambushes to do as per the previous games in the campaign. I rapid fired 20 warriors into a land raider hoping to immobilise it. I got 5 glancing hits! I then failed to get anything higher than a stunned, even with the chronometron reroll on one of them! GAH! The orks managed to kill a vindicator with their ambush and the blood angels killed one of my wraiths, Mark really hates my wraiths XD

Once the game got started it was a very long and slow game. I'll just go over the highlights.
The orks moved towards the enemy as orks are wont to do. The Blood Angels mostly held back. I tried to get round to the enemy but we only got 4 turns in so I never really got there.

Imotekhs lightning killed a stormraven and immobilised a land raider.
The drop podding dreadnought slaughtered a squad of 30 orks but didn't do much else.
Imotekhs squad got charged in the last turn by a squad of 5 marines, because I had a crytpek with Gaze of Flame he didn't get a charge bonus so I only took 10 attacks which killed one warrior, I then hit back and did nothing. For the first time ever my warriors actually passed the morale check and stayed in combat, I just wish I had a power weapon in the squad somewhere.
I don't really think anything else spectacular happened. It was mostly a game of kill the orks or be killed by them.

My Necrons were pretty much ignored all game, which meant I still had 3 troops by the end to claim objectives. I had one ghost ark on an objective, one which I believe had an objective but there was a difference of opionions on it and one squad of 20 warriors on an objective but in the last turn they were charged which pulled them away from it. The Blood angels held one objective too. The objectives were worth d666 points each, I got 400 ish and the Blood angels got 100 ish, so we effectively won anyway. I only got 2 kill points in the end and I haven't a clue what the other 2 got but it was certainly much more than me.

We finished at 2300 and I still had an hour drive to get home :'( sooo tired today!

Apologies for the funny coloured and sometimes fuzzy pics. We were in a dark corner of the room and my cheapo camera had difficulties with it.

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