Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ghost Arks and Command Barge finished (probably)

I've pretty much finished my Ghost Arks and Command Barge. I'll probably make a few adjustments at some point but I've done enough for now.

I have to say, Ghost Arks are the most annoying vehicle from GW that I've ever painted!! So Many awkward angles, so much surface area and it uses so much paint! And the moving guns..... so awkward to make sure they'd move. One of them got stuck and snapped the assembly it was attached to.

The command barge was alright to paint, still some fiddly details and overlapping parts that I should've painted before glueing.

One thing that painting me has convinced me of, Necrons look good with verdigris. I'll make that modification to my stuff over time I think. No rush.

Anyway, enough rambling. Some pics.


  1. I really like the patina effect on the gold.
    Ron, FTW

    1. Thanks. Its just really watered down hawk turquoise.

  2. These are really beautiful, I'd love to see an army like this locally..

    In the NY / NJ area of the US, Necrons seem to be scarce still as people build them up.

    While I dont want to collect them, I'm a big fan.


    1. Thanks :)
      I've only seen a couple of other necron players myself but everyone I play against knows about scarab farms and Imotekh.
      I'm making a forgeworld tomb stalker for the army at the moment. Pics of that will be up soon when I've finished it.