Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tournament army finally painted

I've spent the last 3 nights finishing off my necron tournament army. Had a ton of scarabs to do. Painted some scenery too for the tournament. Looking forward to the RAF wargaming association tournament on Saturday. I don't want to see a paint pot again for at least a week...... still got a tomb stalker to do and some puppetswar wraiths........

Anyway, the only thing people are really interested in is pics (sorry about slight fuzzy):


  1. Well done on getting this lot finished and good luck in the tournament!

  2. Thanks. Can't wait to use the army. My first time with enough scarabs to make the scarab farm work fully.

  3. It's so satisfying finishing off an army. Looking good man, looks like a mean list :)

    1. It's an evil Imotekh/Scarab farm combo. I still don't quite have enough scarab bases to cope with the farm though. I just have to hope the enemy kills some lol.