Sunday, 8 January 2012

1500 point local tournament

Every 2 or 3 weeks my local wargames shop (Wargames Workshop) holds a 40k tournament of some kind. Today it was a 1500 point tournament and I was using my 1500 point balanced BA list. The tournaments are small events, the most people I've seen at one was 20 and that was a doubles event. Usually there's only between 6 and 10 players. Today there was 8. The day is split up into 3 battles and opponents are chosen at random before each game and nobody plays the same player twice.

My first game was against a mechanised Eldar player. He had guardian squads in falcons, 3 fire prisms and a squad of warp spiders, his HQ was a farseer. The mission for the game was hidden objectives. There were 5 objectives on the board, each numbered, we roll 2 dice secretly and the store owner (Carl) records the numbers so there's no cheating, what we roll is our objectives. i.e. roll a 2 and a 5 and you go for those numbers, 6s are rerolled.
My opponent chose to keep his entire army in reserve, I deployed with my shooty stuff in the trenches that criss crossed the board and my assaulty stuff ready to head up the board but hiding behind LOS blocking cover. On his turn 2 only 2 of his vehicles came on, they shot and didn't do anything, I promptly killed one of them in my turn. Turn 3 he got some more stuff on and I killed 3 more of his vehicles. Turn 4 the rest of his stuff came on, his warp spiders mishapped and I deployed them right in front of my assault squad. By this point Mephiston and librarian dread were in the middle of his crowded army unharmed with dead stuff around them, so far I had lost just a single marine. My opponent conceded, so I won with 13 to 0 kill points and 6 tournament points. His shooting just wasn't hurting anything, the dice gods weren't on his side today.

My 2nd game was against Sisters of Battle. My opponent was someone I've played against a few times in the shop and I think it tends to be 50/50 as to who's going to win. Today he was fielding mech sisters with Celestine and Jacob and some assassin stuff. Objectives were hidden bases, one each and an objective in the middle. I messed up royally in this game by over-stretching my force. my assault elements went ahead forgetting that up close and shooty is what sisters do best. My assault squad got annihilated by rending heavy flamers and then the assassins with Jacob. Mephiston and Celestine killed each other being both initiative 7. That left my shooty stuff to fight a loosing battle. My shooty stuff didn't die but I wasn't holding any objectives and we ran out of turns. I lost but I took some sisters down with me and the saint didn't get back up the whole game after being splattered by Mephiston.

3rd game was the worst. A heavily mechanised BA player :( His army consisted of 3 assault squads in razorbacks, 3 Baal preds with assault cannons, 3 Vindicators and Mephiston. It was a kill points game and I didn't stand a chance. I got 3 kill points and he got 8. The Mephistons killed each other, one with a force weapon instant death and one with sheer weight of wounds. This game pretty much sucked balls but at least I can claim moral high ground for having a more fluffy BA army and having a fully painted army. It was a tournament after all so I should expect this sort of army.

All in all a fun day with a good mix of players ranging from WAAC to casual. maybe my Dreadnought army I'm planning will change things but I can't hold any objectives with it.........

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