Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ork Kommando Idea

I've stolen an idea from someone on Librarium online for a somewhat cheeky thing to do with kommandos. The idea is to have a full squad of 15 with 2 burnas, add Snikrot, attach Mad Dok Grotsnik, then give everyone in the squad cybork bodies. You end up with quite an expensive kommando squad but they have a 5+ inv and feel no pain plus you get the needed power klaw in the squad. The only downside is that they effectively have the Rage USR. The other downside is that I don't actually have the models to do this. So I have a kunnin plan.....

I'm going to convert a squad using boyz and greenstuff cloaks onto them, then greenstuff a cloak onto a nob. I'll also need to convert some crazy cloaked painboy with a powerklaw. I'm thinking of getting some resin bioniks for them as well.

Should be an interesting project if I get round to it. So many things to paint and make already.......

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