Monday, 23 January 2012

200 point kill teams testing

In preparation for a kill team tournament being held by Guardians of Tyr at Wargames Workshop my club held a kill teams night to test various lists. I took 6 lists so that I could pick one at random on a D6, in the end i got to use 3 of the lists. The specific rules and restrictions for the game can be found here here.

My 6 lists were:

 Blood Angels - 10 x Death company

Blood Angels - 6 man assault squad with 1 melta and Landspeeder with multimelta and heavy flamer (I was going to paint up the landspeeder if it worked well)

Necrons - 5 x warriors and 9 x scarabs

Necrons - 4 x wraiths with whipcoils
Necrons - 5 x wraiths with particle casters

Orks - 8 x warbikerz

In my first game I used 4 wraiths with whip coils against a necron force with 2 wraiths with whip coils and 5 deathmarks. I basically hid behind terrain until I was in charge range then went in and killed everything. They were awesome and probably the best list of the 6. 

Second game I got to use the assault marines and landspeeder against a plague marine list. I won this game too but only down to silly dice rolling. I basically ended up with a melta marine that I'd given FnP to stuck in combat with 4 plague marines and neither side would take a wound. Many many turns down the line I killed one of the plague marines, then another died due to the fearless save, this tipped the balance and forced the opponent to start taking leadership tests to stay in the game. It was a pretty weird game, marines vs marines in combat with no special weapons around just takes absolutely forever!

Third and final game I used the warriors and scarabs list against CSM chosen. I found out afterwards that I'd misread the rules and should have reduced the scarabs to 2 wounds. I lost anyway regardless, bases of scarabs in combat just sucked really and the warriors didn't really do much either.

I've used the warbikers and death company in kill teams games in the past and found the bikers to be a bit mediocre and the death company to be awesome but a good player can beat them if they play well. The problem with the death company is they are predictable and can be baited (or kited) but having relentless, furious charge and fearless is crazy powered in these games.

I was a good few games and I have some ideas for the tournament in Feb but I'll keep them to myself for now.

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  1. I like the idea of using death company but it does mean you can't claim the objective since they are not a scoring unit.