Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Hello World!

As a reader of many 40k blogs and an occasional bandwagoner I've decided to join the blog bandwagon and post my thoughts and pictures to the web to be flamed and abused by trolls... I mean admired and constructively critisized lol.

A little about me

I currently play only 40k and warhammer invasion but I keep wanting to play other games as well, I just can't find the time or the money.
I'd like to play Battlefleet Gothic but nobody I know plays it.
Plenty of people play Malifaux and I'm kind of interested but I like throwing lots of dice around.
I used to play Warmachine in the old edition as cryx but I kept playing other cryx players and it sucked not getting any soul tokens :(
I have considered playing Flames of War but it just looks a bit boring. Probably not enough space guns and aliens to keep my attention.

In 40k at the moment I'm mostly playing my Blood Angels, hence the title of the blog. Wings of Sanguinius is an awesome psychic power, especially on a dreadnought. I've recently painted and slightly modified a Scibors model to be Sanguinius but using the Mephiston rules for him and it works pretty damn well.

I've also been playing with Necrons in my head. I keep thinking of lists and just finding everything lacklustre. I like combat armies and I know Necrons are meant to be a shooty army but with Wraiths, Scarabs and Spyders they do have some awesome stuff but when I think of how awesome my Blood Angels are or even my orks I just can't be bothered to put them on a gaming table. I know that the new codex has had some mixed reviews, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the new fluff. I loved the enigmatic mindless robot death zombies that they used to be but I also like the new characters, well some of them. As for the rules changes, I hate what they did to the C'Tan, the Monolith, the Flayed Ones and getting rid of Pariahs!!! WTF with the Pariahs!! they had awesome models and fluff and were just over costed....

Arg, my introduction post has turned into a rant about the new Necron codex and its meant to be a blog about Blood Angels. Bugger, better luck next post.

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