Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sanguinius - counts as Mephiston

Sanguinius - Smiter of green daemon thingys

While browsing ebay aimlessly I came across a Scibor model that I just had to get. You can see the original here http://sciborminiatures.com/en_,shop.php?art=1120
I saw him and immediately thought Sanguinius. So I sent off for him and he arrived a few days later. 

He was only 99% Sanguiniusy though. Instead of blood drop symbols on him the original model had fleur-de-lis symbology like the sisters of battle. So I made a few modifications to him. I removed all the Fleur-de-lis and replaced them as well as adding a giant iron halo which was weirdly enough knicked from a spare Saint Celestine model in my bits box. I added a couple of blood drops, a couple of purity seals and a skull thingy at the end of the chain dangling between his legs and greenstuffed the wings and halo to his back and voila.

Assembling him was relatively easy if you know how to pin things. I pinned all the resin parts. He comes in 5 separate parts; the main body, the base, wings, sword and daemon head and hand. The most awkward bit was the sword, the join is where the hand meets the winged hand guard and pinning it was quite fiddly and nerve racking. In the end I've left the sword unglued so I can detach it for transport, I really don't want to see such a fragile resin sword snap.

I tried to paint him as closely as I could to the GW artwork. I couldn't find the gold paint in my paint box so I ended up using Brazen Brass to paint the armour, which actually turned out better I think. Unfortunately Brazen Brass stopped being made a couple of years ago so my supply is slowly dwindling. If anyone wants to know the process I painted the armour:
  • Base coat of Brazen Brass
  • cover it with Devlan Mud
  • highlight with Brazen Brass, then highlight again with Brazen Brass and Mithril Silver
Most of the painting was done using simple methods, usually just paint then devlan mud, the red robes and the sword probably had the most effort put into them using proper highlighting and the black bits on the sword took a while with a tiny brush and a steady hand.

In actual games I use him with the Mephiston rules and its much more impressive to see on the battlefield than the boring little Mephiston model (or the boring little conversion I was using as him). It somehow fits the statline and abilities much better I think, you don't want a little space marine with T6 S6 W5 wandering round. I should mention that the model is a fair bit taller than a standard marine, when I get round to it I'll take a photo for size comparison. He looks huge compared to my old rogue trader marines which I field in the same army.

All in all its a fabulous model from Scibors that was nice to build and paint, the only downside I think is the join on the sword.

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